Food Technology Features

Job Opportunities in Food Technology

 Food Microbiologist
 Food Standards Officer
 Food Technologist
 Food Scientist
 Process Engineer
 Production Manager
 Food Application and Product Development Specialist
 Food Researcher and Project Manager
 Food Consultant and Food Sales representative

   Job Opportunities in Food Technology

Food technology is a vast industry and so are the career opportunities. Food technologists can have a bright career in hotels, quality control departments, food industries, packaging industries, hospitals, distilleries, soft drink factories and rice mills, etc. Food technologists can also work in research laboratories or in the production industry to develop new products, test current ones and control the quality of food.

In view of above details, GCE has taken initiative to contribute in this direction by producing high class food technologist to help the food processing industries to grow at a very faster pace and to come true to the government's expectations.

   Salient Features of Our College

 Fabulous Infrastructure
 Wi-Fi Enabled Campus
 100% Placement Guarantee
 720 Students Placed in MNC’s in the year 2017-2018.
 Well dedicated and experienced faculty members

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